Climate Stewards


Two trees, over 50
years, absorb
0.8 tonnes of CO2



5,000 miles in
a medium sized car
1.7 tonnes of CO2



Average UK household
1 year of electricity and gas
3.2 tonnes of CO2



A Romantic Trip for 2
London to New York
5.0 tonnes of CO2


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We live in a beautiful, complex and fragile world, and the climate is changing fast.

This affects us all, and particularly the world's poor.

God calls us to be good stewards of the world that he has created. In the west this means we need to be aware of the impact of our lifestyles, try to live lightly on the earth and reduce our carbon footprint.

But we also recognise that we all need to heat our homes, power our gadgets and travel - all of which increase our carbon footprint. That's why the Climate Stewards' message is:

Reduce what you can and offset what you can't.

Climate Stewards partners with A Rocha Ghana to plant indigenous trees with communities and schools in Ghana. Our work brings triple benefits:

  • absorbing carbon dioxide
  • improving livelihoods
  • restoring biodiversity

Our online calculator allows you to calculate, and offset, your travel and other carbon emissions - you might be surprised that it doesn't cost the earth!

Or you can donate directly to our work.

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